Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day Off

Today is an off day, and I am sleepy. A nap sounds good, or an early night. Maybe some nice, gentle yoga beforehand. Oh, and my oldest son is home, so I have to be flexible with my hours this week. So, we'll see - but an early night is a definite must!


  1. it took me a bit to find you, but here I am. I am ready for a run where I can say "ahhh, I remember this great feeling".... I feel it getting elusive keeping that running is perishable.

  2. Hey Terri, I didn't know you had a running blog until just now. I too have one that I keep up with my training on. Come for a visit.

    P.S. It's me, Susie from Digging in the Dirt.

  3. hope you had some relaxing time on your day off.. extra sleep is alway good!! have a great weekend!