Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Juno Sports Bra

I'm on a lucky streak lately.  I've won a BIC band from my friend Kim, a Bondi-Band from Running Diva Mom, a CSN card from Forward Foot Strides and, of course, a Garmin from Knoxville Track Club.  Don't hate - before last month I'd never won anything to speak of.  I should totally buy a lottery ticket, right?

Most recently, I won a Juno sports bra from Moving Comfort through a Facebook Giveaway.  I left a comment on their wall, and the next thing I knew there was a note in my inbox from Christine Martin, at Moving Comfort, telling me I had won this bra! Mine is a very pretty shade of blue, but the Juno comes in a variety of colors.

I am not particularly well-endowed.  Veering into TMI territory, I will tell you that I'm a small C cup.  I will also tell you that I absolutely cannot run if the girls are moving.  I can't do it.  I will drive home and get another sports bra or just walk before I'll run with boobage jiggle.  Sometimes I run in two sports bras to stop any motion.  Needless to say, sports bras are a big issue for me. HUGE. Showstopping, even.

Wearing two sports bras leaves horrid, painful chafe marks on my back, even with Body Glide.  I have scars from chafe marks on my back and sides, but I would rather deal with that than jiggling.  I usually settle for a boobensmoosher bra and horrible chafing, because what are you going to do?

Well, I can tell you what I'm going to do - after wearing this one for half an hour, and doing various jumping things all over the house, I am replacing every one of my sports bras with the Juno bra.  I'm not kidding. They are a little expensive, at $52.00 retail, but this one is so comfortable I am going to sleep in it tonight. I may never take it off again.  Wide, comfortable, adjustable straps, people!!  In a sports bra! Last week I would have sworn  that there was no such thing as a comfortable, supportive sports bra.  Moving Comfort proved me wrong.

Christine sent a 36C bra, at my request, because that is the bra size I generally buy.  It's a little big, to be honest.  I'd probably have been better served with a 34B.  The amazing thing, though, is that even with the bra running a little large, the girls are solid.  SOLID.  They don't jiggle.  Happy boobs, indeed! I don't know what sort of support mechanism Moving Comfort has put in the Juno, but it really works. Best of all, you can still see my shape in this bra.  I don't look like a teenage boy.

If you're looking for a comfortable, flattering sports bra with serious support, look no further.  This is it.  I'm a convert.  Thank you so very much, Moving Comfort! I simply won't buy another brand of sports bra from now on. Ever. These girls are Juno girls!


  1. That is awesome you are so happy with the MC bra! Congrats on all the loot lately too!

  2. Thanks, Marcia! Yes, I am very happy with it. I'll see how it works on the run tomorrow but I was a bouncing fool this evening, trying it out! :)

  3. i'm not particularly well endowed either. i'm smaller than you! but i'm glad you're happy with the bra. think it'd be good for those less endowed as you?

  4. This review is awesome. You made me giggle a bit too! ;) Anyway, from a big boobied girls perspective and someone who is NOW dealing with boob chaffe despite using BodyGlide, I think I am headed in the direction of a $52 bra. Sigh.
    Think it'll work as well for your big boobied running pal????

  5. Thanks for the review!

  6. MM, there is NO jiggle here. None. And the bra has loose spots on me.

    Kim, I think it might just do the trick. I'd love to hear from some more, um, generously endowed folks about how it works for them! :)

  7. Love moving comfort. Try the Vixen too. Love it. I have one Juno and 4 vixens.

  8. The Vixen? Ok - thanks, Lesley! I really wish the running store here would carry these so we could try them!

  9. I have that one in a maroon. I'm SURE I didn't pay that much though - I got it at runningwarehouse (I think) on sale in the low to mid 20s. It is a great bra though.