Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Pants

Melissa and I are meeting some friends for a run later this morning.  It's 29 degrees outside right now, and I am already wearing my favorite winter running pants. They are an old pair of Champion Wind Pants, and they are completely indestructible, toasty warm on the coldest day and horrendously unflattering to my short, stocky frame.

You see what's important to me, right?  Because these pants make me look like a rather short hippopotamus, and I wear them anyway. These pants laugh in the face of ice and snow, and they feel like the softest pair of jammies you've ever worn.  I could sleep in them - they're that soft!

Champion Youth Wind Pants - here they are, in all their glory!
You know all that advice about dressing like it's 20 degrees warmer than it actually is?  Yeah - that doesn't work for me.  I can get cold in the summer on a run - that's how whacked out my internal thermostat is.  Even if I run at my maximal pace for as long as I possibly can, I chill as soon as I slow down.  I usually keep a jacket tied around my waist in all but the warmest weather, because I just find the cold so difficult to bear.  So, if you're ever at a race, and you see an impossibly overdressed runner near the back of the pack, it just might be me.  In my stylin' pants!


  1. i love that they are in youth sizing. :) i may or may not own a few children's size tee shirts in my wardrobe.

  2. well if i owned pants that comfy for running my butt would be glued to the couch. just saying.

  3. Hey, I say whatever works, hippo or not. If I am warm I am happy. If I am cold, it's like my life is ending. So, I get it. Hope it was a good run!

  4. Brooke, I occasionally check out the kid's department, I won't lie!

    Karyn, you can't ALL be as stylish as I am - the world might explode from the weight of the awesome! :)

    Beth, I know - the cold is physically painful! My husband says I'm cold if it isn't 80 degrees, and that's pretty accurate.

    Leah, I know. I just need to learn that MC Hammer dance from the 80's and then, well... you can't touch this! :)

  5. All right! Let's here it for unflattering pants--I sported mine this week too. Gotta do what you've gotta do.

  6. I think your pants are great on you! ;) Could you imagine ME running in those same style pants. haha
    Great 8 today, by the way!