Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Again!

We're home again - it's so good to come home! :) I've had a good week, though - got some ideas to incorporate into our curriculum, made some great contacts,  mapped out (tentatively) my doctoral project (you don't do a thesis for a clinical practice doctorate - instead, you do a big capstone project) - all in all, a very productive week.  

I also managed to work out every day at 5:30 a.m. - running on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and a whole-body weight workout on Friday.  Our organization's wellness committee hosted an informal walk/run every morning, and the group pace was a bit faster than my comfortable pace, but I hung in there with them for the faster runs.  Every mile this week was a sub 10:00 pace - some of them as fast as 9:05, which is pretty fast for me.

I also wore heels every day (which I never do - my "uniform" is scrubs and sneakers, with a white lab coat for the office).  I mention the heels only because I started having some shin pain on the left leg this morning after the workout, and I wonder if it's the fact that I ran harder for several days, or the heels, or a combination of the two.  

My goal several months ago was to break the 10:00 barrier.  I think I've successfully done that, at least on the shorter runs.  I'm now wondering if I shouldn't take a bit of a break and do a few runs at an easier pace to see if this pain goes away.  I can always pull the inclines back out, because with those you get a kick-butt workout without all the pounding of a fast pace. Tomorrow is slated as a weight workout with  short period of cardio after, so we'll see how I feel.  If I'm having pain, I'll go at a slower pace on a high incline and just make it a hill workout. Or maybe just hop on Jacob's Ladder for twenty minutes - if any machine will kick your tail, that one will!


  1. Sounds like your running is going well! Such a good feeling, right? I'll bet your pain is shoe related. I wore dress flats (flats, not even heels!) for 2 days in a row instead of my Danskos and I had knee pain for almost a week! Bad shoes=not good for runners!

  2. I've always (well for the last several months..haha) known you were a speedy little thing!! So sorry about the shin pain. I definitely hope it goes away soon for you!!
    Glad you're back home!!! Sounds like you had a successful trip. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Looks like some really good workouts are going on around here! WTG!

  4. good for you for getting out there and running and working out early. when i went on vacay last weekend i definitely did not do that. oops hahah!

  5. waking up at 5:30 inspires me to get up earlier. thank you for the motivation. sounds like a great week. i think the pain is "high heel" related. hope it gets better.

  6. Thank you, everyone! It's back to work and back to the gym tomorrow, so we'll see how it feels!