Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Perfect Run

Yesterday I had one of those perfect runs.  You know, the runs where you feel strong and fit and happy and the sun is shining but it's not too hot and there really isn't anywhere you'd rather be right that minute than running?  Well, some of you may have those runs every single day, but I get one about once every few weeks.  Often enough to keep me coming back, to be sure, but not often enough for me to consider a training run a "fun" experience.

In fact, sometimes people will say, "But you like running!" Well, yes and no.  I really like the way I feel after a run, and those perfect runs (like yesterday's) are amazing, but most days I'd really rather sleep in than get up early and drag my butt out for a workout.  Many times it isn't fun, but the results are wonderful and so I do it anyway.

But yesterday - the temperature was about 60 degrees, and the sun was shining.  There was a little wind, but not too much, and I was running with two buddies.  One of them is several months into her pregnancy, so we tend to let her set the pace - yesterday she felt comfortable at about a 10:30 pace, so that's what we ran.  

We ran about six miles, which was as far as our mama-to-be wanted to run.  Then we said goodbye to her, but we wanted to put in a few more miles, so Kim and I ran four more, still holding steady at about a 10:30 pace.  We finished our run in about an hour and six minutes, which represented an 8 minute PR for ten miles for Kim - isn't that wonderful?!

Kim didn't want to brag about her accomplishment, but I think that she deserves to brag.  She's lost over 80 pounds and she runs nearly every day, steadily getting stronger and faster.  And fellow runners are the only ones who can truly appreciate the effort that goes into knocking almost a minute per mile off of your long run pace. So, since Kim won't brag, I'm bragging for her - thanks for a perfect run, Kim, and congratulations on your PR! And thanks to the rest of you for letting me ramble.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already, and here's hoping we all have a wonderful, fabulous, injury-free, perfect running week!


  1. Ha, I had a perfect run once. It was a good doay.
    80 pounds? Congrats to Kim!

  2. YAY for a perfect run!!
    YAY KIM!!

  3. I'm looking forward to some of those perfect runs. They will make the struggle to get back in shape all the more worth it. Soon I hope! Congrats on your perfect run!

  4. You sure deserve to brag! This is an amazing accomplishment! And I am so jealous of your perfect long run, especially after my recent total fail. I think I should try to imitate you! :-)

  5. Haha - Laurie, I'll bet you've had more than one!

    Thanks, Kim!

    Leah, I know how hard you must work, so I think you've definitely earned a few perfect ones!

    Melie, there have been some really bad runs in the last few months - I should take a photo one of these days and post it!

  6. Thank you for bragging on me! Your are too kind! But huge huge thanks for being there for and with me for what truly was the PERFECT run. I can still hardly believe how great that run was for me. Again, thank you!

  7. 10 miles in 1:06?? Were you skateboarding??

    Congrats on a great run! Those are definitely the ones that keep us coming back for more. :)

  8. Great run! I agree, not every run is a good one, but just like Pavlov's dog, when there are enough good ones intermittently, we keep coming back for more:)

  9. Your run sounds AMAZING!! I'm so excited for spring and summer morning runs to get here. I love the SUN!!

  10. Ahhhh, nothing feels finer than a perfect run! Nice job, girl - so glad it all went well! Now keep 'em coming!! :)

  11. it does sound like a perfect run! and your friend is fab!

  12. Yay! Just came across your blog and love it! I have ALWAYS wanted to run in Greece....(probably only the Half)...but run there nonetheless. Good for you for saving!!
    Yep...I love those runs, and like you, they come around only every so often. Wishing there was more like that- especially when it's a snow run. Would be a little more inspiring to leave the warmth of home:)
    Have a great day/week.
    Thanks for your blog!!