Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Incline Work

Who had the bright idea of all this treadmill incline work?  Because, let me tell you, that person needs a smack upside the head! Oh, wait - that was me! Yeah. I'm an idiot. Anyhoo, I've worked up to 4-5% incline now. It still stinks.  I know it works, though, as evidenced by my recent excursion through the very hilly backroads of Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.

Melissa and I are four weeks into Body for Life, and we can definitely tell a difference.  There are little muscles peaking out here and there!  I love feeling strong and fit again. We'll probably do two cycles of the program (24 weeks total) and see where we are at that point.  Well, I'll do 24 weeks and drag Melissa kicking and screaming along with me! The weights are not her fave - she's a cardio girl.

Oh, and I have a little problem. My clothes don't fit any more. Yep, it's true.  I wear scrubs most of the time at work, and those can be baggy and nobody cares, but we have a faculty conference next week and I am scrambling to find appropriate clothes that fit. The petite departments around here contain clothes that look like my grandmother OR my teenage nieces should be wearing them.  As much as I love those gals, their clothes are not suitable for me at this stage of the game.

I know, I know - half the people in the world would love to have my problem. I'm not whining - at least not much!  But I leave for the conference in a week and the pickings are pretty slim in the wardrobe department.  Anybody know a good tailor?


  1. haha RIGHT! I wish I did have that problem. I may be close before too long because at BodyPump this morning I noticed in the mirror that I actually have abs...not a 6 pack washboard stomach but muscles are beginning to form. I'm with Melissa most days though, cardio is just SO much easier than those pesky weights!
    Keep up the great work!!

  2. I had my first trainer session in a long time yesterday and wow the muscles are screaming today. I'll be thrilled when the clothes fit a little looser!
    Nice job both with BFL and the incline! Tough stuff!

  3. definitely not a bad problem to have. hope you find some good clothes to wear!

    and inclines on tm = WAY WORSE than hills outside. that's what i did all my hill training on last spring and it was definitely not fun. keep it up :)

  4. glad you are noticing a difference! not sure what you are looking for as far as style but banana republic and ann taylor tend to have “not too trendy” “not too grandma” clothes in petites. :)

  5. Kim, you totally have that problem!!!

    Marcia, ouch - a trainer can sure kick your tail!

    Karyn, you're not kidding - I'd rather run all the hills in Knoxville than do a treadmill incline, but that was the whole point!

    Leah, you and Melissa would get along just fine!

    Elizabeth, thank you for the tip - I'll check them out!

  6. I've been upping the incline too, my next three races are hilly, and I figured I'd better get to it!

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss - yay!!!! I know when I lost a lot of weight when I was training uber too much (ha), I took some of my favorite things to a tailor to have them altered but otherwise it was just cheaper to get a few new things. Those tailors are PRICEY!!!!

    Keep the inclines inclining!!! :)