Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Interview

Well, we drove to Memphis, spent a very pleasant evening downtown, took a carriage ride back to the hotel and I went to bed early for my interview.  I was sooo nervous - I woke up at 3, and then 4, and then 5 and finally at 5:30 I got dressed and went to the hotel gym to run on the treadmill.  The gym was nice enough, but it was so hot in there that I had to take three water breaks during a five mile run.  Finally, toward the end of the run, I found the thermostat - figures, doesn't it?  Somebody had it set on 75  - too warm for an indoor gym! And I like warm!

Then back to the room for a shower, and into the monkey suit for the interview.  We left early for campus because neither of us knows much about Memphis.  Fortunately, the place was easy to find.  I made it to the interview site about half an hour early.  

I got called back, we spoke for about twenty minutes and then it was over.  I fumbled some things I wanted to say, and couldn't think of other things I'd meant to ask or emphasize.  But the interviewers were very kind and engaging, and I just have to hope that it was enough. Then the six-hour drive home and I'm back at work tomorrow.  Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and positive thoughts.  Since a doctoral degree is required for me to keep my job, I hope they let me know soon!


  1. wow that is WAY warm for an indoor gym! i'd have sweated out every ounce of water in my body.

    fingers crossed for the best! i bet you knocked it out of the park :)

  2. best wishes with you! i believe in you have alot of faith!,,

  3. Fingers crossed for you! Have a great weekend.

  4. I hope you hear back the news that you want to hear! :-) The wish totally sounds better in Greek... Have a great weekend!