Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Afternoon Run

It was a great afternoon for a run.  I know there won't be too many more of those, so Melissa and I ran a few miles this afternoon.  I got in a few before Melissa joined me - she's rehabbing an injured leg and we definitely want to make our half marathon later this month!!

We ran and we chatted - our favorite thing to do on a run.  And we gave directions to a distinguished older gentleman in a cute convertible who didn't seem at all put out by the fact that we were a sweaty mess!  He even offered us a ride, but we had a few more miles to run, so we politely declined.   And, no - we wouldn't have accepted the ride anyway, but that's one of the things I love about East Tennessee - we'd probably have been perfectly fine if we had.  People are so nice here!

The fall color is gorgeous, and it won't last long.  Hopefully we'll get in a few more runs before the leaves drop and the weather turns nasty.  How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Big Fat Greek Marathon Fund: $50
Goal: Unknown (they send out information in February)
Days until our next race: 12


  1. COLD! I officially had to break out the cold weather running gear... need to get some gloves soon too. Think its going to be a COLD winter in Maryland this year!

    The fall colors there are amazing - love the pics!


  2. How nice you two get to run together! Wish I had a running buddy.

    Hope Melissa gets her leg back to normal soon.

  3. Christina, I spent three months in Salisbury, MD when I was an ICU nurse. I did a travel assignment at the local hospital - we LOVED it there but did not stay until the winter. I'll bet you'll need some serious cold weather gear!

    Susie, I wish you were closer - we would run with you!