Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nashville Flood Relief

Tennessee is my adopted home, and it is a beautiful state.  I don't live in Nashville, but like most folks in Tennessee we were horrified to see images of the flooding that occurred there in May. 

Imagine waking up to this:

or this:

 Nashville is recovering, but there are still people who are homeless and struggling due to the devastation.

Melissa and I ran the Women's Half Marathon in September, and we loved our visit to Nashville.  See how happy we look, with our Nashville Bling?

Nashville is the only town I've ever raced in where the amateur musicians on the side of the race course sounded like professionals.  The musical talent here is amazing - and it was a great distraction while we climbed Nashville's many hills!

Here I am, running in Nashville!  This photo was taken about mile 8 of the half-marathon.  Yes, I've lost some weight since then, but Nashville was the race that started us on our way back to fitness, and it holds a special place in my heart for that reason!

And, my wonderful husband (who puts up with all things running for my sake) has always wanted to see a certain country music legend in concert.  Not being a big country music fan, I did not really share that enthusiasm but fair is fair - he never complains about my running.

So, when that certain country music legend decided to do a series of flood relief concerts for Nashville, I knew we had to participate.  And we did - we took a truckload of people (8 total) on a road trip last night, to see this:

Those of you who are country music fans will recognize Garth Brooks! And, I have to admit, he puts on one heck of a show!

Nashville loves Garth - imagine 20,000 people in a stadium singing together and you can imagine what it was like.  My husband was in heaven, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it, too!  Even though country music isn't my favorite genre, I do enjoy being in a crowd of people who are all excited and happy to be there - this is why I love college football, too!

The folks around us were singing and dancing and crying - it was fabulous. 

I did not enjoy getting up early this morning to go to work, however!  It was a small price to pay, though, to thank my husband for putting up with so much from me.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to bed!


  1. i HEART garth. for realzzzzzzz. i really really want to visit nashville. and do CMM! let's do it together at some point?! haha :) happy christmas and go to bed :)

  2. Oh, you would have loved it last night, then! :) Let's do it! CMM is supposed to be one heck of a race!

  3. Sounds like lots of fun! And yay for you and your sweet self to do that for the hubby. :) And yes, ma'am you have lost some weight!! Way to go.

  4. Kim, it was fun! Ron is very good to me, so he deserved it! Yeah, we've all come a long way - let's hope we continue this journey in 2011!

  5. Hey Terri,

    Blogger has a question and answer area but I'm not sure if you can contact them directly. I did notice on your blog that on your profile you have both blogs listed. I can't even figure out how to do that.

    Bye the way, I like Garth too. I bet his show was great. I'm glad you liked the show.