Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sick - again!

Well, I have been fighting off a respiratory thing all week and last night it struck with a vengeance.  Hubs and I had date plans (The Melting Pot!) and I had to beg off.  Today I have spent the day on the couch in Tinkerbell jammies.  My head aches, I'm coughing my head off and my voice sounds like the honking of a goose.

Oh, well - I should be on the downhill slope of it now, since it's been stalking me all week.  We'll see.  If I can't do my long run this weekend I'll have to try to do it on the treadmill Monday or Tuesday, and heaven help me, because I am not sure I can face another long treadmill run.


  1. Sorry about your long run, but more sorry about missing out on the Melting Pot. I love that restaurant. I hope you got a raincheck! Feel better soon...

  2. I'm so sorry you have gotten so sick! Bummer to have missed date night. :( I hope you are feeling better VERY soon!

  3. Ok, if you have to give up The Melting Pot, you ARE sick :(

    Hope you're back up and running soon!!!